Avoid Going Rogue with Local Marketing Automation

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Aug 9, 2016

The term “Going Rogue” has taken on a somewhat romantic notion these days, usually indicating someone showing an independent spirit, or failing to follow expected protocols. While it’s become something to admire in politics or sports (as long as the Rogue succeeds), it’s less appreciated in the business world. That may help explain the rapid rise of Local Marketing Automation (LMA) as a valuable tool in business, and to help achieve the goal of being a marketing leader.

Missing_Target.jpgLocal marketing automation offers satellite branches of a national or global brand the opportunity to utilize the company’s branded name, logo and images to build marketing materials on a more personal level. The idea of LMA is to prevent the local outlet of a national company from “going rogue”, attempting to develop their own ads or branding efforts that miss the marketing target and veer too far away from established company practices, which can dilute the brand and undo years of the hard work that goes into building a brand image.

Integrated local marketing management has a lot to offer to both the parent company and the local outlet:

  • Maintaining Marketing Consistency: Taking the national message and using it locally helps the brand stay on target while allowing the local entity to enjoy the recognition and visibility of the brand itself.
  • Lower Marketing Costs: The national expertise of the brand can be combined with local data for lower marketing costs. The result is an expanded market reach and awareness that attracts those familiar with a strong brand name.
  • Raising Response Rates: With customers aware of the brand’s national reputation, seeing the efforts of such a campaign closer to home helps reinforce a positive image of both the brand and the local outlet.
  • Marketing Efficiency: With access to the national brand’s approved logos and collateral material, local marketing efforts become more efficient, allowing regional affiliates to tailor their message to the local audience using company branding.

This combined effort assures brand consistency across the board, as corporate leaders are ensured their brand image message is staying consistent.

But an even bigger benefit of local marketing automation is that you can use the brand and its powerful recognition value to grow your business. Handled properly, the end result is a more positive image of the brand and better ROI with local marketing efforts hitting the proverbial "bullseye."

Local Marketing Automation helps hit the bullseye“LMA provides solutions that regular marketing automation misses, including improved brand compliance, localized message approvals, and consistency,” noted a recent blog from communications company Pageflex. “Lack of alignment with corporate marketing and branding strategies can lead to many challenges including delays in approval, customer dissatisfaction, and higher production costs resulting from redundant time and effort spent on developing and ultimately re-creating resources. The automation of localizing marketing collateral and multichannel marketing campaigns can keep costs down while retaining a global appeal at the local level.”

It’s also been shown that LMA is a more efficient form of marketing and can lead to better response rates. According to Gleanster Research, “Top Performers who localize marketing communications report an 18% higher response rate over generic corporate communications. These performance gains can largely be credited to growth in adoption of marketing automation tools.”

Clearly, utilizing LMA has its benefits in terms of cost savings, greater visibility and efficiency solutions that are largely pre-built for fast deployment, all supporting efforts for integrated local marketing management.

Given all the above, it’s time to more closely explore Local Marketing Automation. To learn more visit BlueSky ETO, or click the link below for a free, no obligation consultation.

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