Omni-Channel Marketing, Where the Focus is on the Customer

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Aug 19, 2016

The world of marketing has grown exponentially more complex in recent years in direct proportion to the number of channels available to consumers. Along with that growth has come the rise of a term worth closer examination: omni-channel marketing.

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Avoid Going Rogue with Local Marketing Automation

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Aug 9, 2016

The term “Going Rogue” has taken on a somewhat romantic notion these days, usually indicating someone showing an independent spirit, or failing to follow expected protocols. While it’s become something to admire in politics or sports (as long as the Rogue succeeds), it’s less appreciated in the business world. That may help explain the rapid rise of Local Marketing Automation (LMA) as a valuable tool in business, and to help achieve the goal of being a marketing leader.

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Seven Benefits of a Brand Marketing Center

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Aug 4, 2016

A Brand Marketing Center, or BMC, is a secure marketing resource where your company’s branded content lives. It’s designed so your distributed user base, no matter where they are, can access it any time to create ads, banners, signs and more. A BMC allows distributed users to utilize pre-approved branding and templates in their marketing efforts, empowering them with all your marketing resources in one place. Take a look at the infographic below, to see how it all comes together:

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Successful Digital Asset Management in Seven Steps

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Jul 8, 2016

As businesses scramble to find every advantage they can in an increasingly competitive world, one topic that keeps popping up again and again is “digital asset management.” That’s sometimes followed by the unnerving question, “Am I managing my company’s digital assets properly?”

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Six Keys to Proper Data Management

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Jun 30, 2016

 The term “data management” is getting a lot of attention these days, as more and more companies realize the value of the data that they own. From client contact information to shopping habits to personal identification numbers, the data you have about clients – and management of same – is rising in value. As that value rises, so does the need to protect, better understand and utilize these assets fully.

As such, data management best practices are starting to garner more notice, as a way to better quantify what you already have in hand and use such information effectively and profitably.

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Global Brand Management Needs a Watchful Eye

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Jun 27, 2016

The dream of many brands is to make their product or service so well-known and respected that it goes global. But those striving for that goal would be wise to heed the Chinese proverb: “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.”

While achieving global prominence via strong marketing execution is a worthwhile goal, it also brings with it a host of challenges, not the least of which is managing all the marketing collateral. How do you manage your brand in different time zones, with various cultures, social mores, foreign languages and a myriad number of other problems?

Very carefully, according to the experts.

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Three Benefits of an Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Jun 23, 2016

A recent business survey from Royal Mail MarketReach -- a direct marketing services facility of the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail service -- reported nearly three quarters of all U.K. small enterprises are reinvesting up to 20% of their profits into marketing initiatives.

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The Critical Differences Between Brand-Building Communications -- and Spamming

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Jun 20, 2016

In using today’s technology to reach out to current and prospective clients, there is a very fine line between utilizing brand-building communications such as blogs to successfully get your message across, and simply sending spam.

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Four Brand Marketing Trends for 2016

Posted by Vincent VanOss on Jun 14, 2016

Brand Marketing Trends aren't new to experienced marketers, but learning to effectively leverage technology to enhance your business is key to success and even survival. Today's consumers are bombarded with unwanted messages in their daily lives, email and social feeds. Marketers can no longer rely on "pushing" their ads to the audience by running more of them, or speaking louder, and hoping that people act on the message. Today's effective marketers need to place the right message in front of the right audience at the right time to rise above the clutter and "pull" the audience toward their brand with exceptional marketing content.

There are three acknowledged stages in the “Buyer’s Journey”: Awareness, Consideration and Decision. With the number of outlets available to communicate to customers, it has become more important than ever to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. This means understanding your customers and developing messages targeted to their position in that journey. Understanding this point and crafting your message for these stages helps prospective customers engage with your brand.

 (image coutesy of Hubspot)

Today's leading brands are implementing four technologies to help their marketing become more efficient and effective in the 21st century:

  • Managing Marketing Resources
  • Personalization for Local Markets
  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Utilizing Multi-Channel Communications
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Three Ways to Make Marketing Personas Work Better for You

Posted by Vincent VanOss on Jun 7, 2016

     Effective marketers really know what their customers are looking for. Gone are the days of developing a single message and flooding the media with it until you stumbled onto a lead. Modern marketing is about “knowing” your customers and speaking to them individually. Creating a personal message to every one of your prospects or customers may not seem feasible at first glance, but marketing Personas and automation can transform this challenge into a reality that drives your organization’s marketing forward.

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